A mobile investment

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Investing in high-value cars

If you’re an investor looking for stable alternatives to shares, bonds and raw materials, or for an attractive addition to your real estate portfolio, you should consider investing in prestige automobiles.

Attractive in the long term.

These mobile investments are extremely attractive in the long term, as shown by a comparison with shares and German government bonds. Between 2005 and 2018, while the DAX stock index grew by 203.51 percent and the Euro Stoxx 50 performance index by 73.93 percent, the Südwestbank OTX classic car index grew by 302.63 percent. The REX-P index for German government bonds grew by 58.22 percent in the same period.

Expertise in individual vehicles and collections.

You’ve been offered a car and are wondering whether the vehicle history you were given is true, what condition the vehicle is in and what its market value is? We’ll provide you with professional, independent advice, drawing on our years of experience and our expertise and contacts in the vehicle trade.

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